A our site tour for expectant dads

A our site tour for expectant dads

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To ease your transition into fatherhood, here are some suggestions that may help you better understand what's happening with your partner, your unborn child, and yourself.

Get helpful apps and emails

Sign up for our My Pregnancy This Week email newsletter. It's free and keeps you up to date about your partner's pregnancy and your baby's development. Once your baby comes along, you'll receive My Baby This Week emails – another great way to stay informed about what's going on with your growing family.

Also check out BabyCenter's free apps which deliver daily tips on how your baby's developing, what to expect during your child's first year, and age-appropriate parenting advice as your child grows older.

Face your feelings

Dads-to-be may not be fussed over the same way expectant moms are, but of course this is an emotional time for you, too.

  • Worries about becoming a dad are perfectly natural. Get some straight talk from a clinical psychologist on seven common fears expectant fathers face.
  • Recognize the social and cultural barriers you're up against. A family therapist advises you on challenging the five myths of fatherhood.

Can we talk sex – and other essentials?

Get the lowdown on:

  • How your sex life will change during pregnancy
  • The 10 most surprising things about new fatherhood

Getting ready for the big day

We know you're eager to get the show on the road, but this is an excellent time to prepare yourself to become a dad:

  • Learn ways to share in your partner's pregnancy.
  • When you and your partner are ready to choose a name, visit our Baby Names Finder to search for names by meaning, origin, first letter, or popularity. Get tips to pick a baby name and browse our baby name inspiration lists.
  • Ready for the big day? We have a cheat sheet with the essentials on labor and delivery. Don't miss our 10 indispensable tips for labor coaches.
  • Print our helpful list of what to bring to the hospital.
  • Prepare to step into your new role with helpful guidance in our Just for Dads section.
  • Finally, after your beautiful baby arrives, decide how you want to announce it to the world

The money thing

If you're lucky, you might get paternity leave. But before then – and before the inevitable sleepless nights arrive – you may want to take time to figure out how you'll meet those astronomical college bills looming just around the corner. We'll help you chart your family's financial future with these guides:

  • Family finances
  • Choosing insurance
  • Creating a will

Talk with other dads

Sometimes it's nice to hear from other dads in the same boat. Visit our Dads Only Community Group, where dads and dads-to-be can swap stories and advice.

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