How I handle the cost of raising a child

How I handle the cost of raising a child

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I’ve been handling the extra expenses of having a baby by taking on some extra like side work and maybe babysitting for friends when I usually maybe wouldn’t. And, of course, extreme couponing and looking for deals on baby items and other items.

Really, I mean, it’s a stress. It’s a strain. I don’t know what it’s like to not have to work. I imagine it would be nice to be that stay-at-home mom, but it’s never been a reality for us.

Just by managing our budget. I mean we know what we’re capable of. When we want to do things, we make sure that we plan ahead.

I like to think of the fact that we sort of life sequenced, so we didn’t have kids until we were in our mid-30s. And our careers were very well-established, very secure. We played a lot in our 20s and I think we’re pretty frugal. And know where we want to put our money and so I think managing expenses has been okay in light of having kids.

As far as shopping, I’m more shopping conscious of what I spend, what I buy. I may buy more generic things.

We accept hand me downs. When the kids need ski jackets, I shop at the thrift stores. When we need awesome holiday decorations, I go to garage sales.

Sometimes I actually had to pick up a second job over the years. Sometimes canceling my gym membership. Sometimes not doing—going out to eat all the time.

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